FotoGracia sells photography and videography services for professional and personal occasions. Although FotoGracia tailors its work style according to your needs, the most-requested and popular styles are natural, warm, and moody. Nishank Kumar, The co-founder, and photographer of FotoGracia obtained a certificate from Harvard’s Digital Photography Course.

Nishank Kumar

For over six years, Nishank has worked as a freelance photographer. He is an expert in creating authentic outdoor portraits of individuals, couples, and animals using natural lighting and timing the session to coincide with the sun setting. Nishank has received numerous references and expanded his skills to include food, product, automotive, landscape, and fashion photography and videography. Nishank uses Canon EOS RP to capture amazing moments. Nishank displays show-stopping editing skills and ensures that you are pleased with your experience.

Belemir Kara

Our co-founder, Belemir Kara, is the enthusiastic sales and social media manager of FotoGracia who excels in amazing arrangement, interpersonal, and editing skills. Belemir ensures that the booking and after-service process goes smoothly and is happy to assist you with posing ideas during the shooting.